Second Enfield Boys Brigade

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Welcome to the 2nd Enfield Boys Brigade Website

The Boys' Brigade (BB) is a Christian youth organisation conceived in Glasgow by William Alexander Smith. Since 1883 the BB has spread across the United Kingdom and the world. The 2nd Enfield Company was formed on 31st October 1890.


The 2nd Enfield is run by an enthusiastic group of volunteers who give up their time to give boys and young men an opportunity to learn new skills, experience new adventures, make new friends. and try new and exciting activities.


Boys aged 5 can join Anchor Boys. Aged 8 they will progress to the Junior Section, until they reach the age of 11, when they advance to the Company Section.


From the age of 14 years boys will get the opportunity to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme, which includes full expeditions to the Peak or Lake District (full expedition training,  include cooking, is provided). There is also the opportunity to obtain the highest BB award, the Queens Badge.


Places available in all 3 sections now!: 

If you are interested give us a call on:

07775 697 255

We welcome any boy aged 5 - 18 years

It's a great chance for boys to be boys . Its great chance for Mum's and Dad's to recharge whilst their children are out, in a safe place, for a couple of hours. (Mum's: just enough time for a bar of Cadburys and a Prosecco!)

Boys in school years 1 – 3 meet on Fridays 6pm to 7.15pm

Activities for this group which is known as the Anchor Boys include; games / sports, crafts, Lego,  story time. There are also activity days and competitions and much much more!

Boys in school years 4 – 6 meet on Mondays 6.15pm to 7.45pm

Activities for this age group which is known as the Junior Section include; games / sports, crafts, cooking, team work, drama, weekend camps, competitions including – cross country running, athletics, swimming, and much much more!

Boys in school years 7 – 13 meet on Mondays 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Activities for this section which is known as the Company Section include; Duke of Edinburgh Award, crafts, music, first aid, cooking, sports /games, gymnastics, expedition, sailing. Competitions including; athletics, swimming, cross country, drill, team games. Summer camp and much much more.

Music Tuition

Brass band music tuition, with a professional music teacher,  is also available every Monday during term time 6pm - 7.30pm. Its always pleasing how quickly the boys can go from nothing to playing a recognisable tune. We provide instruments and everything else they need to get started and its all included in the membership.